Module Three

Option 1: Extending practice and English language teaching specialism

This module focuses on needs analysis, syllabus design, course planning and assessment in the context of a selected specialism.

Option 2: English language teaching management

This module focuses on situation analysis and planning, and implementing change in the context of a selected management specialism. Download the full Delta syllabus and past papers at

Module Three Option One is assessed with a written assignment (4,000–4,500 words). You are assessed in the following categories:

Assessment Categories Maximum Marks Available Assessment Sub-categories
Grasp of topic 35 -Review of relevant literature in the topic area
-Understanding of key issues in the topic area
-Application of knowledge to practice and identification of key issues.
Needs analysis and commentary 28 -Key principles of needs analysis and diagnostic testing
-Analysis of the diagnostic test and identification of learner needs -Discussion and justification of priorities supported by the needs analysis.
Course proposal 35 -Key principles of syllabus and course design
-Justification of learning aims, teaching approach and the course in terms of learners’ needs
-Design of the course.
Assessment 28 -Key principles of different types of assessment
-Justification of assessment procedures in terms of course design and learners’ needs
-Application of assessment procedures.
Presentation and organisation 14 -Academic writing, language and referencing
-Presentation, coherence and organisation
-Clarity of argument and quality of ideas.

Online Supervision

The Module 3 program gives you the knowledge and support you’ll need to complete your assignment before the submission. Working online with tutors who can read, comment and guide your assignment is essential for those wishing to get through the process as smoothly as possible.

The course is entirely asynchronous, conducted via email.
Candidates have access to resources, including self study guides for each part of the assignment.
Likewise, the tutor is always available for questions.
There are 5 checkpoints or submission dates, on Friday, every two weeks ( one for each part of the assignment and one for the final draft).
The tutor will provide detailed feedback on each of these once.
The assignment will require candidates to research a chosen specialism, the theory and practice of needs analysis, diagnostic testing, syllabus design and assessment.
The work is carried out by the candidate with the tutor providing feedback for their written work and guidance as necessary.
If needed, candidates may schedule live Zoom meetings with the tutor.


Course Tutor

Julie Lehner
Julie Lehner
Julie is an enthusiastic teacher trainer, mentor & coach. She’s taught EFL and ESL at all levels and comes from a background of teaching Business English in a one-to-one context. During her formative years as a teacher at International House Bucharest, she discovered a passion for mentoring fledgling teachers and went on to do the DELTA and later become a teacher trainer with International House Izmir. Her work finally brought her to bonnie Scotland, where she set up the first DELTA training centre in Edinburgh. Here, she discovered and nurtured an interest in experience design and became an active member of the teaching and training team, constantly innovating and experimenting with lots of variations in relation to course design, schedule, teaching practice delivery and trainee group social dynamics on CELTA and DELTA courses. Her latest adventure is being the Head of Operations at the International Association for Language Training Accreditations.

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