IH Certificate in Teaching Young Learners and Teenagers – Synchronous Course

The International House Certificate in teaching Younger Learners and Teenagers (IH CYLT) is an online (synchronous) teacher training course which is designed to prepare Course Participants to teach English as a foreign or an additional language to children between 2 and 16 years old.

Course Objectives

The objective of the course is to introduce course participants to the principles involved in teaching Young Learners and to help them consider, evaluate and develop their own teaching skills in this area.

One of the main aims of the course is to present the content of the sessions using processes which could be suitable to be adapted to use with Very Young Learners, Young Learners and Teenagers. Activities for various skills are incorporated into the course. Course participants will be provided with an opportunity to discuss how the activity could be adapted to suit different ages/levels and linguistic focus.

Another objective of the IH CYLT is to provide opportunities for course participants to implement acquired knowledge from the input sessions. This is achieved by monitoring their progress in the classroom during the Teaching Practice lessons (TP). There are a minimum of four TP lessons which are observed by an approved IH CYLT tutor. These should be spread evenly throughout the course and be conducted at 2 different age groups and levels. The course constantly encourages reflection and evaluation as a method to develop further and this is particularly evident after course participants have been observed teaching.

The course is produced and standardised by International House World Organisation (IHWO) and moderated and assessed by both the IHWO Assessment Unit and Cambridge English Language Assessment. Successful participants will be issued with an IHWO certificate with the Cambridge English Language Assessment logo on it and the words ‘Moderated by Cambridge English Language Assessment’.

Course Components Time Requirement
20 Input Sessions

(90 minutes each)

30 hours80% attendance
Teaching Practice

A minimum of 4 lessons at 2 different age groups and levels

3 hours100%
Tutorials and Lesson Planning

CPs are expected to write a detailed lesson plan (including cover sheet and procedure) for each TP lesson.

Tutors are also responsible for tutorials and guidance

5 hours100%
2 Written Assignments

Assignment 1 (Materials) Assignment 2 (Self-Evaluation)

2 hours100%
Portfolio Tasks

CPs must complete a minimum of 7 out of 11 tasks, including 2 compulsory tasks. Only the compulsory tasks are to be included in the portfolio.

4 hoursat least 7/11 tasks including 2 compulsory tasks
Observation Tasks

Experienced teacher observations (minimum 2 hours)

Peer teacher observations

DVD observations (maximum 2 hours of the overall total)

6 hours100%

CPs must complete at least 8/13 tasks

Total number of hours50 hours

Input Sessions

Session NumberSession CodeSession Title
00IHCYLT/00_IntroIntroductory Session
01IHCYLT/01_YLs&SLAYoung Learners and Second Language Acquisition (YLs & SLA)
02IHCYLT/02_PlanPlanning for Younger Learners
03IHCYLT/03_CMClassroom Management
04IHCYLT/04_CI&CLClassroom Instructions and Classroom Language
05IHCYLT/05_PLPractising Language
06IHCYLT/06_GamesGames in the YL Classroom
10IHCYLT/10_CNLCUClarification of New Language and Checking Understanding
11IHCYLLT/11_AccCTAccuracy and Correction Techniques
12IHCYLT/12_MthdMethods and Approaches
14IHCYLT/14_WrtgDeveloping Writing Skills
15IHCYLT/15_FocusFocus on the Learner
16IHCYLT/16_MxdAMixed Abilities
17IHCYLT/17_A&OAims and Objectives
18IHCYLT/18_VYLsVery Young Learners
19IHCYLT/19_TeensTeaching Adolescents
20IHCYLT/20_P&AProgress and Assessment
21IHCYLT/21_L1L1 in the YL Classroom
22IHCYLT/22_LexisDealing with Lexis

a. Teaching Practice

One of the major focuses of the course is being able to put the theory presented in the input sessions into practice. There are a minimum of 4 assessed teaching practice (TP) lessons amounting to at least 3 teaching hours. These should be at 2 different age groups (and preferably levels), with the average age expanding no more than 2 years e.g. 5-7 and 10-11.

There is a minimum requirement of 4 students for assessed TP lessons. TP Lessons should be spread evenly throughout the course so the CP is aware of strengths, weaknesses and areas of improvement and provided with sufficient opportunities to develop their teaching skills.

b. Written Assignments and Portfolio Tasks

There are two compulsory written assignments which must reach a satisfactory standard in order to pass the course. Over the duration of the course, participants are asked to complete a variety of tasks and projects of which the 2 compulsory tasks are to be presented in the portfolio. These tasks may be integrated into the sessions or set for homework.

c. Observation Tasks

The observation tasks have been created to allow course participants to reflect further on the practice of teaching by observing experienced teachers and their peers (i.e. other course participants or fellow teachers). There is a selection of 13 different tasks, which should be completed over the period of the course and amounting to at least 6 hours of observation.


An IHWO digital certificate with the Cambridge English Language Assessment logo on it and the words ‘Moderated by Cambridge English Language Assessment’ is awarded to course participants who have completed all of the components on the IH CYLT course programme, satisfactorily completed the teaching practice, and submitted the assignments and portfolio to a satisfactory standard.


The tutor of the course is experienced in the field and approved by Cambridge English Assessment. The tutor is responsible for timetabling practice, observing participants, providing oral and written feedback, guiding participants through the input sessions and marking and assessing the written assignments and portfolio task. The tutor makes sure the requirements of the delivery of the course are met.

Time and commitment

The course lasts 16 weeks with one module per week and one Teaching Practice per month. As participants are required to provide the completion of the assignments, observations tasks and portfolio tasks, we recommend a minimum of 2-to-4 hours per week spent doing tasks.


06 Mar – 23 Jun 2023

Course Fee

• £500
• £550 GBP in 5 monthly installments

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