Take CELTA Online100% Online CELTA Course

Cambridge Assessment English is offering a unique opportunity for teachers who plan to take the CELTA course.
You can do the whole CELTA course online!

The Course

This course is a CELTA course delivered online, due to current situations. It’s a 120-hour, 5 week intensive course (10 week part-time is also available), that serves as an initial training course for teachers. This course is available 100% online for the first time, giving you the same certification with added flexibility.
This course is suitable for those with no teaching experience as well as teachers with experience looking to examine and improve their teaching practice.

The Online concept

The concept of online teaching and running a virtual lesson may seem scary at first. However, during the first week, you will be able to adjust to the platform and virtual classrooms by receiving input sessions, as well as giving unassessed lessons and observing experienced teachers. You’ll also have continuous support throughout the course to adjust to and navigate the platform.

Teaching Practice:

Teaching practice is the practical element of the course, where you will be teaching a group of learners online in a virtual classroom. The lessons are 45 minutes long, and you generally teach two assessed lessons a week. Your lessons will be observed by the other candidates, and you will observe their lessons as well. This is the opportunity to see what you’ve learned put into action.


You will receive both synchronous and a-synchronous input throughout the course, which will be useful and applicable in your teaching practice. Input may be in the form of live sessions hosted on a platform such as Zoom, or Moodle based sessions with trainees collaboratively working on documents, presentations, or materials. These sessions will be led by the tutors and will encourage you to work with the other candidates through various digital platforms as you explore concepts and add to your teacher repertoire.


One of the most important parts of the CELTA course is receiving feedback on lessons. After teaching practice, your group will come together in a live session to talk about the lessons observed that day. Those who taught will reflect on their lessons before receiving feedback from peers and from the tutor. These sessions allow you to more clearly understand your lessons, finding ways to build on your strengths and continue to improve throughout the course.

Lesson Planning:

During the course you’ll have the opportunity to work individually with the tutors for assisted lesson planning. They will be available to you during these sessions to address questions, guide you, and suggest alterations to improve your plans. These sessions, building off the input sessions, will enable you to more easily implement new techniques into your practice and consolidate what you learn throughout the course.

A typical day:

A typical day on the course will include input sessions, usually two a day, teaching practice, group feedback, and lesson planning. In addition, there are four written assignments which will be completed during the course as well. It’s an intense but fruitful way to learn concepts, implement them in lessons, and then receive feedback from both peers and the tutors.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • The difference is in the format of the courses. On the blended Online CELTA, input is delivered online while lesson planning, teaching practice and feedback are face to face. On the 100% online CELTA, lesson planning, teaching practice and feedback are also delivered online.
  • There will be no flight costs, no accommodation costs, no visa headaches
  • There will be no costs of living in another country for a month
  • Trainees will have the chance to get extra training of How to Teach Online
  • Just like the f2f courses, it’s up to the centre to determine the duration of the course based on their trainees profiles, staffing and other elements. The essence of all these courses are the exact same
  • We offer two options. The full-time option is intensive and takes 5 weeks to finish whereas the part-time option takes 10 weeks which is ideal for teachers who would like to take the course while they are still working.
  • Yes. The number of input sessions are the same as a f2f course.
  • There’s going to be a combination of live sessions and Moodle based sessions.
  • Teaching practice takes place via an online platform. The school will provide you with a virtual classroom with real students. The tutors will also be present in those virtual classrooms and will assess your lessons.
  • Yes. Both the lesson planing and the feedback sessions will be live online
  • No. The certificate awarded by Cambridge is the same certificate as the f2f course.
  • They can be posted to your address.
  • Like other CELTA courses, it can take up to 6-7 weeks for the certificates to arrive from Cambridge, and an additional 2 weeks mailing duration.

The incomparable CELTA experience at IH Izmir

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